Du Plessis, Thomas-Antoine Mauduit, chevalier (1753 or 1754-1791)

Volunteer, then lieutenant colonel in the American Army, chevalier de Saint-Louis (1779).

At the age of twelve, ran away with two companions from the artillery school at Grenoble to Marseilles, where they became cabin boys. Traveled through the Near East to Alexandria. His two friends died and he went alone to Constantinople. Sent home by the French Ambassador.

Resumed his training for the artillery. Went to America (1777). Distinguished himself in the Philadelphia campaign. Breveted lieutenant colonel by Congress (1778).

Returned to France (1779). Major of the chasseurs des vosges. Commander of the regiment of Port-au-Prince, Haiti (1787). Opposed to revolutionary principles, he refused to follow through on orders from France, disarmed the National Guard, and arrested members of the Colonial Committee.

Formed a company of volunteers for wealthy, Royalist colonists, the “White Pompons,” whose violent expeditions led to revolt on the island. Massacred and torn to pieces by his own soldiers.

Born in Hennebont.