Golowkin, Wilhelmina von Mosheim, comtesse de

Settled at Monnaz, near Lausanne, where her social circle included Samuel-Auguste- André-David Tissot.

Chose Rousseau as her spiritual guide and raised her children according to his principles.

Settled in Paris (1770). Probably met Franklin through Madame Helvétius. Sought news of her ami and Franklin's correspondent, the chevalier de Chastellux (1780).

Daughter of Johann Lorenz von Mosheim, professor of theology at the University of Göttingen. Married to the Russian Count Alexandre-Alexandrovitch Golowkin (Golofkin) (c. 1760); widowed in 1781. Married in 1796 to Jean-Paul-François de Noailles, duc d’Ayen, Lafayette’s father-in- law.

Alternate form of the name: Golofkin.