Hunt, Isaac (c. 1742-1809)

Author, lawyer, and clergyman.

Graduated from the College of Philadelphia (1763); briefly held a tutorship there.

Published a series of satirical attacks on proprietary supporters, aiming his Exercises in Scurrility-Hall and other pieces especially at William Smith, Francis Alison, and others closely associated with the College (1764). These writings served as the basis for the denial of his M.A. degree, about which he complained to Franklin (1766).

Eventually allowed to receive the degree (1771). Studied law and became a successful member of the Philadelphia bar.

Attacked as a Tory during the Revolution. Made his escape to England, where he took holy orders.

Born in Bridgetown, Barbados. Married in 1767 to Mary Shewell; issue included poet and essayist Leigh Hunt.