Stanhope, Charles Stanhope, 3rd Earl (1753-1816)

English politician and scientist.

Fellow of the Royal Society (1772) and the American Philosophical Society. Author of Principles of Electricity … (1779). Member of Parliament for Chipping Wycombe (1780-86); interested in finance and election reform.

Opposed the American war. Initially a close ally of William Pitt the Younger, but broke with him by 1789. Designed printing equipment, steamships, fireproof buildings, and calculators.

Son of Philip and Grizel (Hamilton) Stanhope, Earl and Countess Stanhope. Educated at Eton and Geneva. Married Lady Hester Pitt in 1774; three daughters. Married Lousia Grenville in 1781; three sons. Succeeded to earldom (1786).