Palmer, Joseph (1716-1788)

Manufacturer and soldier.

Emigrated from England (1746). One of several people, including Franklin, who acquired property in Germantown, a section of Braintree, Massachusetts, where a glassworks had been established. He and Richard Cranch, brother-in-law of Abigail Adams, took over the glassworks (c. 1752) and engaged in other business ventures.

Purchased large tracts of land in Pomfret, Connecticut. Served in the Provincial Congress of Massachusetts (1774-75). Member of the Committee of Safety at Cambridge. Entered the Massachusetts militia (1776). Rose to the rank of brigadier general (1777). Suffered financial difficulties following the war. Opened a salt factory at Boston Neck (1784).

Born at Higher Abbotsrow, Shaugh Prior, Devon. Married Mary Cranch, sister of his partner in the glassworks.