Le Rouge, Georges-Louis (b. c. 1712)

Cartographer and Parisian map publisher.

A military engineer before being named géographe du roi by Louis XV. Reprinted and translated maps of North America: Atlas Américain Septentrional (1778) and Le Pilote Américain Septentrional (3 parts, 1778-79).

Reengraved the Franklin-Folger chart of the Gulf Stream (after September 18, 1780). Published a translation of Thomas Hutchins’ pamphlet, Description topographique de la Virginie … (1781), reducing Hutchins’ map of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and North Carolina from four sheets to one. Included a separate copy of the highly detailed area surrounding Fort Pitt, and dedicated this separate engraving to Franklin who helped him with the project.

Born in Hanover.