Vicq d’Azyr, Félix (1748-1794)

Doctor and anatomist.

Abandoned clerical studies at a young age. Studied natural and physical science at Paris (1765). In the Encyclopédie méthodique, proposed to study anatomy by comparing human and animal organs.

Admitted to the Académie des sciences (1774). Co-creator and permanent secretary of the Société Royale de Médecine (1776). Signed Franklin’s membership certificate to the Société.

Began (1786) but never completed his Traité d’anatomie et de physiologie, in which he planned to describe and depict all man’s organs. Published several studies on anatomy, for which he was elected to the Académie française (1788).

Named premier médecin de la reine and premier médecin consultant du roi (1789).

Born in Valognes, Normandy.