Clymer, George (1739-1813)

Philadelphia merchant and politician.

Traded in partnership with his wife’s father and brother, Rees and Samuel Meredith; became one of the richest men in Revolutionary Philadelphia. Joint Continental treasurer (1775-76). Delegate to Pennsylvania constitutional convention (1776). Pennsylvania assemblyman (1776-78, 1785-89). Member of Continental Congress (1776-77, 1780-82). Delegate to Constitutional Convention (1787); supported ratification and urged that Philadelphia be made the national capital. Member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1789-91). Federalist. Devoted his later years to philanthropy.

Son of Christopher and Deborah (Fitzwater) Clymer of Philadelphia. Raised by his uncle William Coleman, a long-time friend of Franklin. Married Elizabeth Meredith (1765); eight children.

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