Soulavie, abbé Jean-Louis Giraud (1752-1813)

Naturalist, diplomat, historian, and writer.

Abbé at Nîmes. Curé at Languedoc. Vicaire général at Châlons. Wrote Histoire naturelle de la France méridionale (1780-83). Discussed scientific matters with Franklin.

Franklin forwarded to Vergennes his letter calling attention to the British plot to encourage the revolt of the Protestants in the Cevennes. Published an article outlining this plot in the Journal de Paris (June 1782). Elected to the American Philosophical Society (1786).

One of the first members of the clergy to adhere to the principles of the French Revolution. Charged with making an inventory of Louis XVI’s papers at Versailles (1792). Résident français in Geneva (1793-94). Author of various works on scientific, historical, and political subjects.

Wrote Mémoires historiques et politiques du règne de Louis XVI (6 vols., 1801), which contained his account of a dialogue he had with Franklin in 1781.

Born in Largentière, Ardèche. Married in 1792 to Mlle. Maynaud.