Du Chilleau d’Airvault, Marie-Charles, marquis (1734-1794)

Governor of Saint Domingue.

Lieutenant in the French service (1750); rose to the rank of brigadier (1778) and maréchal de camp (1782). Chevalier de Saint-Louis (1770). Governor of Saint Domingue (1778-81). Participated in the capture of Tobago and Saint-Christophe. Governor of the Leeward Islands (1788). Recalled and arrested during the French Revolution.

Son of Gabriel-Joseph and Louise- Françoise-Marie-Anne (Foussard-Duvigent), marquis and marquise du Chilleau d’Airvault. Married Marie-Jeanne Barthon de Montbas. Married Jeanne-Elisabeth-Floride de Montullé in 1774.