Guines, Adrien-Louis de Bonnières de Sousastre, comte de (1735-1806)

French diplomat.

Served as a colonel in the Seven Years War. Promoted to brigadier des armées du roi (1762). Sent to Prussia (1766). Named Minister Plenipotentiary to Prussia (1768) but was recalled the following year. Maréchal de camp (1770). Served as Ambassador to London (1770-76). Chevalier du Saint-Esprit (1783). Resumed his military service. Promoted to lieutenant-général (1784), and served as Inspector General of the army. Named Governor of Maubeuge (1785) and of Artois (1788). Became duc de Marbois (1786). Emigrated to Germany during the French Revolution. Returned to France (1802).

Born at Lille. Married Caroline-Françoise- Philippine de Montmorency-Neuville (1753). Father-in-law of Armand-Charles-Augustine de La Croix, duc de Castries, who married their eldest daughter, Marie-Louise-Philippine, in 1778.