Georgel, Jean-François, abbé (1731-1813)

French clergyman and diplomat.

Entered the Jesuit order (1747); priest (1759). Professor of rhetoric at Pont-à- Mousson (1751-53), Nancy (1753-55), and Dijon (c. 1759-62).

Secretary to the prince de Rohan (1762); accompanied him in his embassy to Vienna (1771) and remained behind as chargé d’affaires (1774-75) when Rohan was recalled to France. Grand vicar to the Bishop of Strasbourg (1778). Emigrated (1793). Returned to France (1802) and became pro-vicar general of the Bishop of Nancy.

Son of Quirin and Marguerite (Petitdemange) Georgel of Bruyères, France. Educated at the collège de Pont-à-Mousson.