Montaudoüin de La Touche, Jean-Gabriel (1722-1781)

Merchant and writer. Member of the Royal Academy of Sciences.

Member of various Societies of Agriculture and of the Académie Royale des Belles-Lettres de La Rochelle. Correspondent of the Académie Royale des Sciences. Published a discussion of some of the literature on French public finance in the Journal de Commerce of Brussels (1761).

Friend of Voltaire and of Rousseau, he was closely associated with Franklin. He and his brother were among the greatest and most influential merchants of Nantes and were sympathetic to the American cause. His uncle René (1673-1731) was considered the greatest supplier of arms of the eighteenth century and the founder of St.-Domingue.

Born in Nantes. Brother of Arthur de Montaudoüin. Married in 1765 to Olive Hay de Slade.