Lotbinière, Michel-Alain Chartier de (1723-1798)

Engineer, seigneur, secret agent.

Served in the army in Acadia (1746-47). Trained in France (1750-54).

A student of the abbé Nollet, Lotbinière became interested in Franklin’s theories on electricity, which had been translated into French (1752).

Back in Canada, oversaw the construction of the Fort Carillon, which later became Ticonderoga (1756-58).

Traveled to England (1763-64) to secure the confirmation of the seigneury of Alainville on Lake Champlain which had been granted to him but later annexed to the Province of New York. He declined the compensation the English government offered him (1776).

Returned to France where he met with Vergennes, who apparently employed him as a secret agent (1776). Arrived in America shortly after Franklin’s departure.

Born in Canada.