Grand, Rodolphe-Ferdinand (1726-1794)

America’s banker in Paris. Franklin’s neighbor in Passy (1776).

Correspondent at Paris for Horneca, Fizeaux & Cie. (1776). The firm became Fizeaux, Grand & Cie., the Amsterdam banking firm in which his brother Georges was a partner (1779).

Became America’s financial agent and banker to the three commissioners (1777). Banker to Franklin during his years as Minister Plenipotentiary. Collaborated with his brother, Georges Grand, in trying to raise loans in the Netherlands for the Americans.

One of the founders of the Caisse d’Escompte (c. 1774).

Lent money to Le Ray de Chaumont, Bernier, and Gourlade for a maritime expedition to Bengal (1775-76).

Father of Jean-François-Paul, Henri- Maximilien, and Daniel Grand.