Lowndes, Rawlins (1721-1800)

Lawyer, judge, and politician.

President of South Carolina (1778-79). Provost-Marshal of South Carolina (c. 1740-54).

Elected to the legislature in 1749, he served as speaker of the lower house (1763-65; 1772-75). Appointed associate judge of the court of common pleas (1766). Denied the right of the royal council to act as an upper house of assembly, and was removed from the bench (1773).

Although he opposed rebellion and was conservative by temperament, he remained active in government and loyal to the rights of his state. Delegate to both provincial congresses (1775). Member of the Council of Safety. One of the committee of eleven selected to form a new constitution for the colony. Member of the state’s legislative council (1776). In 1778, he succeeded John Rutledge as president of South Carolina, but declined reelection the following year.

After the war, he represented Charleston in the legislature, and opposed the ratification of the Constitution.

Born in St. Kitts, British West Indies.