DeBerdt, Dennys (c. 1694-1770)

Merchant and colonial agent.

Traded extensively with the American colonies and amassed a considerable fortune. Lobbied on behalf of colonial religious dissenters (1750s) and collected donations for Eleazar Wheelock’s Indian school (1766). Co-agent, with Richard Jackson, for the Massachusetts House of Representatives (1765-66). Agent for Delaware (1765-70) and Massachusetts (1766-70). Often hosted visiting Americans at his home in Artillery Row; mentored Arthur Lee and Stephen Sayre. Political foe of Franklin.

Resided in London. Probably son of John De Berdt; the family fled Flanders to escape religious persecution. Married Martha —. Father of Dennys DeBerdt, Jr., agent for New Jersey (1775), and Esther DeBerdt, who married Joseph Reed.