Flavigny, Gratien-Jean-Baptiste-Louis, vicomte de (1740 or 1741-1783)

Officer in the French service. At a very young age, was named lieutenant in the infantry regiment of Touraine (1747). Reformed (1749). Reentered the French service as a lieutenant (1756). Was seriously wounded in battle and left the army (1759). Commissioned captain of dragoons (1773) and lieutenant colonel of cavalry (November 1777). Franklin arranged for him to serve in the Unites States, but he was prevented by his old wounds. Author of various literary and military works including, Réflexion sur le désertion et sur la peine des déserteurs (1768).

He and his wife were friends of Le Ray de Chaumont, and were part of Franklin’s social circle at Passy.

Born at Craonne-en-Laonnois (Aisne). Married in 1768 to Sophie-Elisabeth Huguenin Dumatin, whom Franklin nicknamed “Eurydice” after a heroine of Glück’s opera.