Logan, George (1753-1821)

Physician and politician.

Apprentice merchant in Philadelphia who turned to the study of medicine. Received a medical degree from the University of Edinburgh (1779).

Spent time in Paris (1779-80). There he visited Franklin. Returned to Pennsylvania and studied agriculture (1780).

Later became involved in politics. Served in the Pennsylvania Assembly (1785-88). Served in the Pennsylvania legislature (1795-96 and 1799). Served in the United States Senate (1801-06).

As a private citizen, he undertook a mission to France to help ease tensions between that nation and the United States government (1798). The mission was somewhat successful, but soon afterwards Congress passed a law forbidding such attempts at private intervention in foreign affairs.

Elected to the American Philosophical Society (1793).

Born at “Stenton,” a family home near Germantown, Pennsylvania. Grandson of Franklin's friend James Logan. Married Deborah Norris in 1781; the marriage produced issue.