Jackson, Jonathan (1743-1810)

Boston merchant.

Traded in partnership with John Bromfield (1766-74), then with his brothers-in-law Nathaniel and John Tracy (1774-77). Deeply involved in privateering. Delegate to Massachusetts Constitutional Convention (1779) and Continental Congress (1782). Justice of the peace (1783). Traveled to Europe (1783-85) on business; also lobbied for concessions towards exiled Loyalists. Traded in partnership with Stephen Higginson (1783-87). Published a Federalist pamphlet, Thoughts upon the Political Situation of the United States (1788). U.S. district marshal (1789), inspector of revenue (1791), and supervisor of excise offices (1797). Treasurer of Massachusetts (1802-06). Friend of John Adams.

Son of Edward and Dorothy (Quincy) Jackson of Boston. Educated at Harvard (B.A., 1761). Married (1) Sarah Barnard (1767); one son. Married (2) Hannah Tracy (1772); eight children.