La Touche-Tréville, Louis-Réné-Madeleine Le Vassor, comte de (1745-1804)

French naval officer.

Entered navy (1758). Transferred to army (1768); served as captain of the La Rochefoucauld regiment of dragoons (1769) and aide-de-camp to Gov. d’Ennery of St. Domingue (1770) and Gov. Vallière of Martinique (1771).

Returned to navy (1772) and served with distinction on the North American coast as commander of the Hermione (January 1780), the Aigle, and the Gloire. Captured and imprisoned by the English (1782-83).

Director of the port of Rochefort (1783-84). Adjoint director of ports and arsenals (1784). Chancellor to Philip, duc d’Orléans (1787). Returned to active service as commander of the Languedoc (1792). Rear admiral (1793); vice admiral (1803); grand officer of the Legion of Honor and of the Empire (1804).

Nephew of Louis-Charles Le Vassor, marquis de La Touche de Tréville, a lieutenant general and chef d’escadre in the French service.