Allison, John (1738-1795)

Pennsylvania politician and civic leader.

Cumberland County magistrate (1764). Member of Cumberland County committee of observation (1774). Delegate to Pennsylvania provincial conference (1776). Commanded a battalion of Cumberland County Associators (1776-77). Pennsylvania Assemblyman (1778, 1780-81). Founded town of Greencastle (1781). Delegate to Pennsylvania convention to ratify the U.S. Constitution (1787). Ran unsuccessfully for Congress (1788).

Son of William and Catharine (Craig) Allison of Antrim Township, Pennsylvania. Married Elizabeth Wilkins (1768); thirteen children.

First letter in correspondence: October 20, 1788; William Henry Egle, “The Federal Constitution of 1787: Sketches of the Members of the Pennsylvania Convention,” PMHB, x (1886), 446-7.