Nooth, John Mervin (1737-1828)

Distinguished physician.

Elected to Royal Society on nomination of Franklin and anatomist William Hunter (1774). Published a paper on a method of carbonizing water (1775); Nooth’s apparatus remained in use until the mid-nineteenth century and formed part of one of the first machines for the administration of ether. Physician extraordinary and purveyor to the British army in America (1775); stationed at New York. Superintendent general of all British military hospitals in America (1779-83). Superintendent general of hospitals in Quebec (1788-99). Interested in province’s economic development; director of Agricultural Society of Quebec (1790). Later superintendent general of all army hospitals (1799) and physician to the Duke of Kent (1800-20).

Son of Henry and Bridget (Mervin) Nooth of Sturminster Newton, Dorset. Educated at Edinburgh (M.D. 1766). Married twice; had at least three children.