Bécard, Jean-Baptiste, fils (d. 1782)

St. Malo merchant.

Member of a prominent family of shipowners, financiers, and politicians. In 1743, on a return voyage from Peru, he was attacked, wounded, and captured by the British, but was soon released. In 1768, he served as the first deputy from St. Malo to the estates of Saint-Brieuc, where he was elected to the Commission intermédiaire. Following the suppression of the Compagnie des Indes , he formed a consortium of merchants from St. Malo and Paris that equipped twenty ships between 1769 and 1776. Ennobled (1777).

Married in 1750 to Jeanne Dufresne; issue one daughter (b. 1755) and one son, Auguste J.-B. (b. 1759).