Lee, Charles (1731-1782)

American Revolutionary general.

Served with the British during the French and Indian War and in Portugal. Traveled in Poland and Turkey where he served with the Russian army. Settled in West Virginia.

Commissioned major general in the Continental army (1775) and served in several major campaigns. Captured by the British (1776). Imprisoned for a year in New York. While captive, Lee may have attempted to assist the British.

Exchanged (1778), but soon after led his troops in an unnecessary retreat. Suspended from the army after a court-martial found him guilty of disobedience and other offenses.

Never an admirer of Washington, Lee became even more bitter after his court-martial and composed pamphlets and letters to Congress which were hostile toward the commander in chief.

Born in Dernhall, Cheshire, England. Married a Seneca princess c. 1756.