Genet, Edme-Jacques (1726-1781)

Journalist, interpreter.

Suggested to Vergennes the creation of a propagandist periodical of clandestine origin, the Affaires de l’Angleterre et de l’Amérique (1776), for which he obtained much of his documentation and information from friends Franklin and John Adams.

Studied public law in Germany (1746-50) before traveling to England (c. 1750). Secrétaire interprète for foreign affairs (1753); Conseiller d’ambassade at London (1762). Chief interpreter for the bureau des interprètes des affaires étrangères (1762-81).

Wrote for and oversaw the periodicals Etat politique actuel de l’Angleterre (1757-59) and Etat actuel et politique de l’Angleterre or Journal britannique, which became Gazette et papiers anglais (1760-62).

Father of Jeanne-Louise-Henriette (Madame Campan) and of Edmond-Charles, who became chef du bureau des interprètes (1781).

Born in Paris. Alternate form of the name: Genest.