Lerchenberg, — (1729 or 1730-1794)

Alias of Louis-Valentin Goëzmann de Thurne, lawyer, jurist, and French secret agent in London.

Studied law at Strasbourg (1747-49). Judge to the Superior Court of Alsace. Established himself at Paris (c. 1766) and became a judge of the Parlement Maupeou (1771).

He and his wife were involved in a highly publicized scandal with Beaumarchais who accused them of soliciting bribes and of corrupting the judicial process. Removed from his position (1774).

Entered the secret service of the Ministry of Marine and was sent on a successful mission to London to suppress libels against the French court (summer, 1781). Sent on a second mission to London in the service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1781-82).

Author of various works including a Traité du droit commun des fiefs..., notamment en Alsace (1768); Questions de droit public sur une matière très intéressante (1770); and Observations contre Beaumarchais (1773).

Born in Landser, Alsace.