Grand, Isaac-Jean-Georges-Jonas (1716-1793)

Amsterdam banker.

Brother of Rodolphe-Ferdinand Grand, Franklin’s neighbor and the Parisian banker who became America’s financial agent.

After a brief military career, Georges established himself as a merchant banker at Lausanne (c. 1740).

Resurfaced in Amsterdam (c. 1769). Named a chevalier in the order of Vasa (1772). A partner in the banking firm of Horneca, Fizeaux & Cie (1777), which became Fizeaux, Grand & Cie. (1779).

Collaborated with his brother, Ferdinand, in his attempts to raise loans in the Netherlands for the Americans. Named a chevalier de Saint- Louis (1780). One of the founders and first president of the Société de 1789.

Born in Berne. Alternate form of the name: Georges Grand.