Benyowsky, Susanna Hensky, comtesse de

Daughter of a Polish nobleman. Accompanied her husband to Madagascar, where he was occupied with organizing a colony for the French (1773-77).

First met Franklin in Paris (late 1781 or early 1782). Wrote Franklin regarding the financial woes and misfortunes of her husband, who had failed to receive support from Congress for his proposal to form a foreign legion in the service of the United States (1782).

Sailed, with her husband, for Baltimore (1784), where he hoped to obtain financial help for his idea to found a new colony in Madagascar. Turned to Franklin to obtain news of her husband and brother who were rumored to have been massacred in Madagascar (1786).

Married in 1767 to Maurice-Auguste, baron, then comte de Benyowsky, the famous Hungarian nobleman and adventurer.