Franklin, William Temple (c. 1760-1823)

Grandson of Franklin; illegitimate son of William Franklin and an unknown mother.

Attended James Elphinston’s school in Kensington, and made occasional visits to his grandfather on Craven Street (1767-75).

Went with Franklin to America (1775). Set out for France with Franklin and Benjamin Franklin Bache (1776).

Franklin’s private secretary during the French mission. Returned with his cousin and grandfather to America (1785).

For a while he operated a farm in New Jersey, but he proved unfit for agricultural endeavors, and, unable to attain public office or a diplomatic post, he moved to England shortly after Franklin’s death. In 1798 he returned to Paris where he spent the remainder of his life.

In his later years, Temple edited Franklin’s autobiography and some of his correspondence, the first volume of which was published in 1817. Temple was a favorite of Franklin, who treated him more as a son than a grandson, particularly after William Franklin decided to remain loyal to England.

Probably born in or near London. Married Hannah (or Anna) Collyer in 1823. Had illegitimate issue by “Blanchette” Caillot c. 1785, and Ellen Johnson D’Evelin in 1798.