Wuybert, Antoine-Félix

Engineer in the United States army (1776). Promoted to lieutenant colonel of engineers (1776). Captured during the fall of Fort Washington, where he was chief engineer (1776). Prisoner of war at Forton Prison in England (1776-78).

Returned to France and enlisted as a volunteer aboard the Bonhomme Richard (1779). Took part in the violent combat between the Bonhomme Richard and the Sérapis (1779).

Twice captured and imprisoned during his attempts to reach the United States. Arrived in Philadelphia (1781). Served at Fort Pitt (1781-82). Breveted colonel in the American army (September 1783). Honorably retired (November 1783).

Member of the Société de Cincinnatus for the state of Pennsylvania. Founding member of the Société de Cincinnatus in France (1784).

Alternate forms of the name: Viebert, Weibert, Wuibert de Mézières.