Bret, Antoine (1717-1792)

Prolific writer. Admitted to the bar at Dijon. Went to Paris (c. 1744). Began his literary career with Le Déguisement pastoral, a comic opera in one act that played at the Foire St. Laurent (1744). Wrote numerous unsuccessful works for the stage. Imprisoned in the Bastille (May-August 1749) following the publication of the novel Le B[ide]t, histoire bavarde ( Paris, 1749). A social acquaintance of Madame de Graffigny, who may have contributed to his Mémoires sur la vie de Mademoiselle de Lenclos (Paris, 1750) and who probably introduced him to Rousseau. Published various works of poetry including Fables orientales et Poésies diverses (Paris, 1772). Edited an edition of the works of Molière (Paris, 1773). Served at various times as a censeur royal. Became director of the Gazette de France (1774). Member of the Academies of Dijon and Nancy.

Born at Dijon. Married in 1768 to Marie- Madeleine Herault.