Poncelin de La Roche-Tilhac, abbé Jean- Charles (1746-1828)

French journalist and writer.

Chanoine of Montreuil-Bellay in Anjou. One of the king’s lawyers and a conseiller à la table de marbre.

Created the Courrier de l’Assemblée Nationale (1789), which became the Courrier français, a paper favoring the French Revolution. The paper once again changed its title and became the Courrier républicain.

Escaped the Terror and founded the anti- republican paper, the Gazette Française. Author of Almanach américain, asiatique et africain … (1784), for which he requested information from Franklin and William Temple Franklin.

Born in Dessais, Poitou. Alternate form of the name: Poncelin de La Roche-Tilhac.