Meredith, Hugh (c. 1697-c. 1749)


Apprentice to Samuel Keimer (1728). Original member of the Junto. Won Franklin’s friendship as an honest, sensible, observant man, a wide reader, though a poor printer who was addicted to drink.

Established in a printing business with Franklin by Meredith’s father. But Meredith was seldom sober and did his work badly; his father failed to provide all the promised capital; and Franklin was relieved when Meredith voluntarily withdrew from the partnership (1730).

Moved to North Carolina; wrote a good description of the province that was published in the Gazette (May 6 and 15, 1731). Received loans and goods from Franklin until at least 1739. Employed by Franklin to collect rags for paper and sell books in the country.

Son of Simon Meredith.