Killen, William (1722-1803)

Chief justice of Delaware.

Immigrated to America (1737). Resided with the Dickinson family of Kent County, Delaware; tutored John Dickinson in Latin while studying mathematics and surveying with James Orr. Deputy surveyor of Kent County; also practiced law. Member of the Kent County committee of safety. Chief justice of the Delaware Supreme Court (1776-92). Chancellor of Delaware (1792-1801).

Born in northern Ireland. Married Rebecca Allen (1753); five children.

First letter in correspondence: November 25, 1789; Henry C. Conrad, History of the State of Delaware (3 vols., Wilmington, Del., 1908), iii, 923-3; Milton E. Flower, John Dickinson: Conservative Revolutionary (Charlottesville, Va., 1983), p. 10.