Condé, Louis Joseph de Bourbon, prince de (1736-1818)

French soldier and aristocrat.

Governor of Burgundy (1754). Lieutenant general (1758); served with distinction in the Seven Years’ War. Emigrated (1789) and settled in Wurms. Raised an émigré force, the “armée de Condé,” that participated in the anti-Revolutionary campaigns of 1792-96. Served briefly in the Russian army. Traveled to Austria and England. Returned to France (1814).

Son of Louis-Henri, Duc de Bourbon, and Charlotte de Hesse-Rheinfels-Rothembourg. Succeeded to the princedom (1740). Married Charlotte-Godefride-Elisabeth, princesse de Rohan-Soubise in 1753; three children. Married Marie-Carolina, princesse de Monaco in 1798.