Marchant, Henry (1741-1796)

Rhode Island jurist and politician.

Practiced law in Newport. Friend of Ezra Stiles and Francis Dana. Early member of the Sons of Liberty; served on several Revolutionary committees. Accompanied Franklin on his Scottish tour, keeping an extensive journal (1771). Attorney-general of Rhode Island (1771-76). Delegate to Congress (1777-79). Represented Newport in Rhode Island General Assembly; spearheaded fight for ratification of the Constitution (1784-90). Judge of U.S. district court (1790-96).

Son of Hexford and — (Butler) Marchant of Martha’s Vineyard. Related by his father’s second marriage to the Wards, who were in turn related to the Greenes. Studied at the College of Philadelphia (1756-59); A.M. (1762). Married Rebecca Cooke (1765); had issue.