Ogden, Uzal (c. 1744-1822)

New Jersey clergyman and pamphleteer.

Catechist for the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (1770-72). Ordained in the Church of England (1773).

Returned to New Jersey, where he became an itinerant preacher; unlike most Episcopalian clergy, Ogden sympathized with the legacy of the Great Awakening and cooperated with evangelical denominations. Part-time assistant pastor of Trinity Church, New York (1784-88). Rector of Trinity Church, Newark (1788-1805).

Published numerous sermons and pamphlets, as well as Antidote to Deism: The Deist Unmasked (2 vols., 1795). Lost his pulpit, due partly to his revivalist preaching style and partly to voice problems, and subsequently joined the Presbyterian Church.

Son of Uzal and Elizabeth Charlotte (Thébaut) Ogden of Newark, New Jersey. Married Mary Gouverneur in 1776; seven children.